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Please click on the chat symbol or call us or you can send us an email. is a browser-based solution for paid video and audio calls. You or your clients do not need to download an application to make a call.

Instead of a phone number, you get a personal link that you can share with your customers. When a customer clicks the link, a call session is initiated between you and your client. The client is prompted for payment before the call begins.

We offer features to make your life easier. Such as payment functionality, booking capabilities, and a completely secure and encrypted cloud service.

Our service is very easy to use and will get you started to accept calls from your customers in minutes.

When you register you will create your own personal link.

It will look something like:

This link provides you with your own profile page. The page contains information you decide to provide about your services, pricing, photo/video, and availability.

From your profile page, your customers can:

  • Call you instantly
  • Book a call
  • See if you are online
  • Read your Bio,
  • View your picture/video,
  • Check your availability

If a customer calls you from your profile page you will be notified about the call, see potential earnings, and be prompted to accept or decline the call.

To answer your calls you need to be logged into your dashboard. From your dashboard, you can also invite customers to an instant call or a scheduled call.

  • There is no startup fee
  • Start without a fixed monthly fee
  • There are no hidden costs

We charge a platform fee of 5%-15% on the revenue you generate. The fee depends on your call volume. Our fee is needed to cover hosting, platform maintenance and development cost. We only get paid if you receive revenue from your client. It is totally free to get started.

If you have a large turnover or are looking for a white-label solution we may offer other pricing plans. Please see our page on pricing for more detail.

All calls are encrypted and secured. Only you and your client can connect to the call. You can be sure that all that is said in your call is and will remain completely confidential.

We will pay your earnings to a bank account or bank card (in applicable countries) of your choosing. The bank account or card must be owned by you, or by the corporation that you have registered with us.

We are able to payout to bank accounts in these countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

We currently support payout to bank card (debit) in the following countries:

US & Canada.


When you register you get to choose your personal link. You can share this with your customers on your webpage or social media. You can also send your link in emails.

When you are logged in to your account you can see what your personal link is and from the menu, you also have the option to see how you can share your link.

We are also offering a widget so you can integrate your paidvideocall profile on your own webpage. This can be integrated as a WordPress plugin.

Our service accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club credit and debit cards.

We accept payments from 135+ countries in the world. This means that you can accept customers from most countries in the world.

Depending on your country of residence and how large your payouts are we may need to verify your identity by having you upload an image of your photo ID. This is required of us by law. The purpose is to prevent credit card fraud and money laundering.

This is required by our payment provider. We work hard to maintain a high-quality service and do not accept any fraudulent or questionable behavior by either hosts or clients.

Suspicious accounts involved in unusual transactions will be put on hold and investigated. Users with multiple accounts or consistent negative reviews will be blocked.

We may ask you to Verify your account. This is known as the process to “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and are obligations that require us to verify that our account holders are operating from the business addresses they provide in their account application.

If you need to verify your business address, we will prompt you to add missing information. Please ensure that all fields are filled out and formatted correctly when you add this to your account.

Payment Provider Requirements

Our service cannot work without payment providers.

We facilitate payments using Stripe. As a result, providers on our platform must follow the guidelines and terms of use imposed by Stripe. Our staff needs to take action to remove content and restrict members from using the platform should they violate the terms set out by our payment partners.

For the avoidance of doubt, Providers/Hosts must not use our service in any way which conflicts with Stripe’s prohibited business terms which you agree to on an individual basis when you sign up to use our service.

Basically, if your content is allowed on Snap, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook it is likely allowed here.

Strictly Prohibited Adult Content

For the reasons above, your profile image or widget page cannot be used to display sexually explicit or adult-themed content. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pornography, nudity, depictions of rape, incest, bestiality, or any other adult or obscene content including implied, suggested or censored in any form such as:
    • imagery (including illustrative)
    • videos
    • links to or from external sites or content containing such material
  • Sexual services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per-view, or adult live chat features

Other Strictly Prohibited Content

Profile pages and content must also not be used in connection with any of the following:

  • Any activity that violates any law or governmental regulation industry requirements or money laundering regulation.
  • Hate speech, intimidation, or abuse of any kind targeting any individual, group, or institution,
  • Funding a ransom, human trafficking or exploitation, vigilantism, bribes or bounty,
  • Products or services that directly infringe or facilitate infringement upon the trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets, or proprietary or privacy rights of any third party,
  • Content including links to and from the platform which is fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate or dishonest,
  • Transactions for the sale of items, goods or services including digital downloads with the purpose of avoiding paying taxes,

If you receive a notice that your account has been blocked, this means that your page has been deemed to violate the terms of our service or the terms of our payment providers.

Blocked pages will no longer be reachable by anyone but the registered profile owner. Pages will be blocked due to either illegal content being found on your page or violation of our terms.

Your page will only be unblocked if you are able to demonstrate that your content listed on your profile is in compliance with our terms.

No. The Phone-paid Services Authority only regulate services where payment is made by the same means as the service is provided. One example of this is traditional premium rate numbers where both charge and services is made through the phone network. On there is no connection between the payment which is made by credit card and the video/voice call which is made with VoIP technology.

For more information see the PSA Code of Practice, part five, 3.5.1 which states that one of the requirements for a premium rate service is that “the charge is required to be paid to a person providing an electronic communications service by means of which the service in question is provided” Thus our service is not considered a premium rate service and users of do not need to follow PSA regulations. We still recommend all customers to conduct their business in an ethical way. Source:

You as a service provider are responsible for the collection and/or payment of all Taxes which you may be liable for in any jurisdiction arising from your sales via Paidvideocall.

Do your payment provider Stripe report to IRS?
If you receive more than $20,000 in payments from Stripe in a single year and if your payments (regardless of total amount) are from more than 200 payors, Stripe will file a Form 1099-K return with the IRS, reporting the total amount received.

This is a requirement for all third-party payment brokering services, not just Stripe.

Our payment provider – Stripe is required to verify your identity and confirm the legitimacy of your business, as it is part of their responsibilities to their financial partners.

This is also typically known as “Know Your Customers” (KYC) regulations. To do this, Stripe needs your Social Security Number and date of birth.

All your data is protected and secured with encryption using https.

Yes, you can! The Paidvideocall platform fully supports you to be able to answer calls from your computer and from your smartphone. We also offer notifications that will notify you when a client calls.

Remember that you answer your calls through your dashboard from your browser and you need to be logged in to receive your call. supports recent version of Safari and Chrome on both desktop and smartphone.

No. All paid video calls are made through your web browser so you will not get a phone number from us. Instead, you will get a personal link, just like a phone number, that you can give to your clients. They can then use the link to call you via their browser. Compared to a traditional premium rate number our service is cheaper, easier to use, and more secure.

We think it should be quick and easy to get a pay-per-minute or pay-per-call service line. We believe that the existing solutions offer an out-dated way for the gig economy and we want to take it to the next level.

We are proud to be the world’s first supplier of offering pay per minute for live video and audio calls with integrated payment in a web-based solution. Many people today have a work mobile or a cash card phone, making it difficult for them to use premium rate services. This will change with

Welcome to new opportunities with paid video calls!